It was an ancient Greek colony starting way back in the 7th century BC, chosen as a settlement for the particular shape and fertile nature of its bay. According to Greek mythology, Naples was founded on the spot where the syren Parthenope died after having been rejected by Ulysses and where today we find the fortress named “Castel dell’Ovo”, which is also where the first housing cluster of the city sprang up. From that time until now, a long and rich history has left its precious marks all over the New City – Neapolis: this area is where the ancient neighbourhoods with their alleys, decumani and cardini retrace the original Greek grid plan, along with historic residences, churches, hand-craft workshops and a lot of museums. In the underbelly of Naples you’ll discover acqueducts, plenty of historical stratification and the most beautiful subway stations in Europe. Naples is also a city of music and theatre, of classical and contemporary art. The choices available are both vast and enticing, and thus difficult to make! Entrust yourself to your personal local tour guide, expert and knowledgeable about the thousand faces of this vibrant city! The tour programme will be custom-built to your particular interests and requests. Naples is waiting for you! (Length of tour approx 8 hrs.)
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