In the middle of the Gulf of Naples, we find the Isle of Capri, approx 10 km2 with around 14,000 inhabitants: the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Ambassador of Fashion an oasis of intellectuals and famous personalities, a treasure trove of natural beauty unique to the World!

Far away from the crowded tourist routes, you’ll discover the Island together with your private Capri Tour Guide. Here, you’ll find the homes that belonged to those who shaped the history of the world: Emperor Tiberius had 12 villas on the Island, amongst which the most famous is Villa Jovis. Just like the Emperor, other personalities also chose to delight in the beauty of the Island:

Norman Douglas, Jacques d’Adelswaerd Fersen, Graham Green, Gracie Fields, August Kopisch, Alfred Friedrich Krupp, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gorki and Lenin, Axel Munthe, Curzio Malaparte, Monika Mann, Compton Mackenzie and many others. Along a walk dedicated to architecture we’ll discover the famous homes of Capri and their intriguing owners! A stroll down the islands alleys amongst history, legend and gossip, with your own personal tour guide! Lasts around 8 hrs.

Duration about 8 hours